Expelir demasiados do cérebro​.​.​. (split)

this is very messy ; everything just seems… off… a little. There seems to be little regard for a normal tempo, the music is very harsh and noisy, the vocals are quite strained and grainy at times, and the lyrics range from political rantings to complete nonsense.

We feel that the study of focoliths is best aided by the adoption of a dual system of nomenclature… In our opinion, a dual classification will at the present best serve the practical purpose of making available and understandable an orderly classification.

split Focolitus/focolitz


1. Focolit Catarse 2. Zanshin 3. C.A.G.A. 4. Punk is a Martial Art 5. Papalagui Ska 6. Amor Combatente 7. A Meia Noite Da Revolta 8. Love is Uncondicional 9. A melhor Maneira… 10. O Bom Polícia 11. Paisagem 12. inhos 13. Que Passa! 14. Rendição É Morte 15.Gestos Simples  16. Europa General Guerreira 17. Tens a Palavra… 7. Autogestão


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