Focoliths K7

What to do with more than 10 home record audiotapes  plus several other still not categorized cassettes  plus several mindiscs with unknown record time, all part of the early records of the prehistoric period of FOCOLITUS?
Better not to do anything! but why not? lets share our love for low-fi…
Journey Start on the 12 Jan 2016 with two incredible songs: Surround Noise System and Chorava e Comia
lets see when this changeable album – K7 (abbrev of Cassette) – is going to be finished, if ever.

  1. Chorava e comia 2. Surround noise system 3. barata censurada – reivindicação dos direitos 4. pag 59 5. we’re trying to pretend we’re trying to be gods 6. Perfect School – L 7. Santa Juana de América 8. Perfect School – R 9. Bing 10. Silly Mask 11. Beijo Lambido de dois franceses retardados mentais com tuberculose I 12. NoCAP uma história do fim…I 13. NoCAP uma história do fim…II 14.também eu também 15. let the sky make me fly 16. man has created death 17. cinestesic pirates  18. hiet licht 19. porquoi? 20. ros entsprungen 21. a rapariga submissa 22. O Eco 23. Intro 24. xanana mamem 25. May 26. Santo 27. billowy drowse 28. atirei o pau ao tótó 29. atirei o pau ao mix 30. Ah! Não me enterrem vivo! 31. fragmento 32.
    Extreminação dos Portos

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