Focoliths K7

29 Jan 2016

found it!

Thanks god there are a couple of Best Offs tapes! Besides the 9 ones winch might be original or close to it… Its very difficult to know exactly what! by chance, also found a tape with Beringela live at casa ocupada, but was , almost for sure, recorded in minindisc and not in tape…

Well, back to best offs –  found out another version of “Barata Censurada – revindicação dos direitos”. Weird and quite surprising! Not all songs are one time played and immaculate through recording…thought,  the ending is much nicer on this version…

It might be cheating to select songs from best offs but who cares?    next post is going to be about analog stereo effects on two wonderful best off songs..

oh….! So,  what was so special about We’re trying to pretend we’re trying to be gods?




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