Focoliths K7

29 March 2016,

What a great idea! like said last post – talk about “analog stereo effects”… yes, but WTF is that? It is need to understand that one of the supports to recorded Focoliths songs was a Stereo Stack (Aparelhagem) that had (that have) two micro inputs – one for the left and one for the right audio…. this is actually the same that has been used for the digitizing process. However, the cassette player is not working properly anymore, with time it started to roll up faster than common life… actually another support has been used for regular velocity tape output… boombox (TIJOLO) with Cd player “already”. Several issues arise from this.. Firstly, the TIJOLO only have headphones output connection…So, directly connected with computer the result is:

clearly there is too much magnetic tape noisy sound… it was possible to solve this by connecting the TIJOLO to the Stereo Stack and later to the computer. Interesting is that, from an analogical process it was possible to reduce the effects of a bad output sound exit using another Cassette player support, it worked mostly because the later tape system have a record level button…

This has been the digitizing support up to now. Nevertheless, it is important to mention a digital low-fi distortion that has been recorded within this process. For the purposed, it is  called “digital tingling”. This effect, is up to now, along all digitized songs. The first thing to come up is that there are too many connections and therefore a fresh new distortions arises: but this is not true. The analog connection work just fine and it is actually the only digital connection (i.e. computer input) that has been distortion the analog systems. Very important questions arises…

Should we search for HQ digitizing record of a low-fi analog record? What is the point? Why digital has to be HQ? Isn’t a low-fi digitizing process be part of a low-fi analog record that had not ever meant to go on digital? What is the meaning of this album? Isn’t a continuation of home  record scheme? yes… but there are things recorded in minisdics.. and minidisc are already digital.. should we have the “digital tingling” in an already digital support only because the computer input is bad as hell?

Well,just try another computer. yes, the “digital tingling” almost disappear but others problems maintain..

While digitizing the two wonderful songs, the  analog stereo effect is just simple whipped out.. For some reason, one of audio stereo sides is simple ignored.

So, what we have now?

a partly  importance of stereo effect on the prehistoric records…

Perfect School  is recorded with two micros, one for the voice (which clearly is not working properly) on the right side and the other mostly for the  jaw harp on the left side (by the way…this song…best chorus ever…)

On the other hand, Santa Juana de America is record with just one micro on the left.

either songs, what make them powerful are the stereo effects… which are lost with this digitizing… on the first song, we simply do not hear the the voice (or almost) and on the later song, we simply do not listen silence in one of the ears.. what a shame!

but is possible to keep one very important aspect of both songs…

an innermost breeding…















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