L’USINE DE RIEN // le flyer

Some workers are outside of the factory. They talk. Something is on. What kind of music are they listening to? They continue to talk. As their mouths turn into strings skirling up on a guitar everything becomes wide open.

A clearness descends from the sky covering them with striking eyes – playing in the craziest effort of mixing crunchy, indespicablesounds where images of faces and arms dance in a ruthless enviorment…

Wait. Wait a moments, please. There is something to be notice. Can you see? Who are those? What are we doing here? Nobody recalls such a moment, such event. Reaity starts where?…

So, you come to Petit Bain after watching a movie. Very well. We have been trying to explain several times that you are part of the movies. There is no distinction of what you think you saw and what you actually are. Is it more clear for you now?

Pay attention. Look at the stage. Chaos will start soon.

panfleto Petit Bain


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